PORTRAIT / BUST : $ 45 + 
HALF BODY: $ 65 + 

 FULL BODY: $ 85 + 


All prices are listed in USD. These are base prices for personal use only.

Payments to be made via PAYPAL only. 

Additional charges for items such as backgrounds, pets, extra weapons, alternate props, action poses and multiple revisions may be charged at the artists discretion.

What’s Included in Base Pricing: 

  • Fully colored character artwork on a simple abstract background.
  • A high-resolution version for your personal collection or display.
  • A lower-resolution version for sharing or posting on social media.
  • Optional* 400 x 400 cropped version for avatar and social media use.
  • Transparent/No-Background version is no longer offered with base pricing

Through the COMMISSION REQUEST FORM, Twitter DM or Discord.  I recommend the form since it contains guidelines on what information I ask for before starting a commission. 

  • we talk about THE PROJECT

During this time, we will talk about more details, exchange references, timelines, set up pricing and payments. 


I will request for the first payment when I am ready to start working on the commission.  Please note that rough sketches will not be released until payment is received.  


We will communicate regularly throughout the process. I will send you progress pictures and receive feedback.  Revisions, tweaks and changes may be made during this phase. Please note, that numerous revisions may incur additional charges. 


Once all the linework and color schemes are approved by you, I will begin coloring the artwork and continue to provide progress pics.  This step usually takes 1-2 weeks. At this point, very minor revisions may still be made.


When work is complete, I will send you a small sneak-peek version of the finished artwork.  Links to the hi-res and for-sharing files will be sent to you once payment for the balance has been received.    


I enjoy having a degree of artistic freedom when rendering your character. I will work to make sure that the ‘feel’ of your character is there, but I cannot 100% guarantee that it will be an on-model replica of the original concept. 

Please do not ask me to completely change my art style or carbon copy someone else’s art style.  I’ve had requests for these in the past, and it really felt impersonal and insulting as an artist.  Also, if you really love that person’s art style, please support and commission them. <3 


Because there are things such as bills, insurance, payments and necessities that need to be addressed, I have a regular 9-hour job from Mondays through Fridays (PST) which may affect the timing of commissions. I will always keep communication lines with my clients open and respond as quickly as possible. 

Due to the nature of the product, I may not be able to offer a full refund once work has started. I would have already put in the time, effort and resources needed for the job. 

This is a case to case basis. Please feel free to contact me at any time during the project if there are any issues with the artwork and we will try to resolve it. 

All commissioned artwork are for Personal USE ONLY. 

Examples of allowed personal uses are : 

  • Display in your private collection (ex. print and hang on the office wall, etc.) 
  • Represent your character or avatar in DnD, MMO’s, social forums, blogs and journals. 

I strongly advise using the low-res, watermarked version of the artwork for posting online to deter art theft or unauthorized uses. 

Commercial pricing option is available if you intend to do one or a combination of the following :

  • Use the commissioned art as Promotional Materials – logo, business card, promotional items such as mugs, giveaways, etc. 
  • Crop out my signature 
  • Alter, modify and redistribute the artwork to promote your own content, book, website, etc. 
  • Request for the transparent background files 


DISCLAIMER TO THE DISCLAIMER : This is based off articles I’ve seen online and is not legal advise.)

All rights and ownership of the commissioned artwork remain with the artist. I reserve the right to alter, modify and display the commissioned art on my social media channels and create material to promote my services. 

Ownership of the character/content remains with the copyright owner. 

Commissioned artwork containing copyrighted characters MAY NOT BE SOLD or DISTRIBUTED commercially as prints, merchandise, digital or otherwise without express permission of the copyright holder (ex. Trion Worlds, Blizzard, Riot Games, etc. … P.S We don’t want to get into that kind trouble…)